Victimless Crimes

by Gabe Wolf

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The writing process began in August of 2012. The process has finally been finished in April of 2013.


released April 30, 2013

Written, recorded, edited, produced, and mixed by Gabe Wolf. Mastered by Bob Speer of CD Mastering Services (



all rights reserved


Gabe Wolf

I write, record, produce, and mix everything you hear.

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Track Name: Aspersion
I can feel you
Committing these crimes that I do
Confusing myself in your ways
Trying in vain to change
What’s been wrong
For far too long
I must escape
So I can see
I am still me

I’ve felt like this for so long
But never understood where I went wrong
Until I faced the truth of myself
Not to be reduced into someone else
Like you, like you
I fear that I will never win
My head is always in a spin
With all these thoughts I have of you
So deep within—

By my hand I am deceived
‘Cause I’m not really me
I am who you’ve changed me to be
In this illusion, I am too deep

I want out
Track Name: Victimless Crimes
I used to know you
Track Name: Against Your Will
I don’t want to feel like you do
But you hold me despite my apathy
And I can’t stand that part of me is you
I need you to go
Leave me on my own
I need to be
More than you can be

If you truly knew me you would know
When I’m with you I truly feel alone
And I can’t stand the part of me that is you
I need to grow
And heal on my own
You need to be
Separate from me

New life, reborn inside
Gives me strength to fight
Against your will, for my life

I want out
Track Name: Outside of the Boundaries
I escaped for a moment or two
Out of this shell
In a space devoid of time
To connect with something else

Outside of the boundaries that we can’t see
Purity exists in all living things
We are all everything
We give it all meaning
We create the boundaries
Only to set ourselves free

Everything just is
I am
We are
Track Name: Blank
See these eyes
For the first time
With no disguise
Naked and alive

Is this how I’ll feel now?
Is this really the end?
Can I keep myself away from you,
So that I can mend?

These things I feel
Are so raw and real
Only when you’re gone
Are they revealed
Track Name: Home Sick (In Absentia)
I feel alone
When I’m not home
And lost in a crowd
Defeated with my doubt
Silent as a ghost
Watching seamless patterns form
They disappear into the norm

My disguise is unique
And takes control
So that the rest of me
Doesn’t get involved

All the places I’ve been
All the people I know
Where am I in all this?

Why did I let you go?
Sometimes it’s so simple
Yet sometimes I forget that I know
Why do I feel alone?
Sometimes we’re just people
Who can seem so remote

These patterns move me
With their ebb and flow
I understand what I see
But stay in the unknown
Track Name: Acquiesce
As much as I wished for this
It did not end up perfect
I carry the burden of
Doubting if this was worth it

I’ll try to settle in
And hope I’m not mistaken
I’ll find myself again
For now I’m so foreign

As much as I feel estranged
From my pieces being rearranged
Eventually I’ll embrace the change

Without you everything is strange
My own skin seems new,
And my strength
But this is good
This is right
This is good
This is right
Track Name: Reflection
I can see you clearly
You’ve been gone for so long
I was afraid I wouldn’t know you
But I’ve known you all along

You are free
And beautiful