The Hours

by Gabe Wolf

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Photo by Ted Austin Warmington ( Cover creation by Steph Cochran.

Synth cello in Party programmed by Lensa Imsong (aka ANAsynthe

Special thanks to: Lau, Badada Jay, Pete, and Dan for being my creative rockstar counterparts. Mom and dad for creating me. Micah and Rissy, the other creations, plus Tom and Elijah. Steph, Ted, Aliza, Lensa, and The UMass Theatre Guild, especially The Sweet Lumps. Ray, Sam, Bill, Koval. Baby fucking Berk. And a very special thanks to the audio engineers and producers who have trained me thus far, including Rob Harkness, Dave Isaac, Jim Morgan, and many more.


released April 21, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Wolf.



all rights reserved


Gabe Wolf

I write, record, produce, and mix everything you hear.

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Track Name: Spirit
I am a river
That flows through you
One day I hope that you flow through me too

Waves and waves and waves
Days and days and days
Spent with you

Trying not to forget
All the things that we've been through
Track Name: Blossom
Saw the light in your eyes
Under tumbling leaves
Even fall could not disguise
The blossoming we've reached

Time is running out (but I can't help myself)
Fall is ending now (my head's over my heels)
Time is running out (but I can't help myself)
Fall is ending now ('cause spring is all I feel)

You kissed me for the first time
Standing in the street
Our feet lifted from the ground
As your blossom bloomed in me

All I hope for now
Is this moment to freeze
Never touch the ground
Suspend the tumbling leaves
Track Name: Adam
I'm surrounded with love; friends and enemies
And they all love me enough that I just want to leave

Take me somewhere new
Where I don't feel misused
All this sadness turns to thoughts
That I don't have enough anymore

Paradise sucks

They all feel just the same
Their heads in needy games
Calling out for me to come and sleep where they belong

And I don't like to feel this way
Alone in beds we've made
'Cause when all is said and done I'm not closer to anyone than before
Track Name: Schrödinger's Cat
I feel a longing from within
To make this feeling permanent
Though I know it has to end, I want it over and over again

I feel alive inside my skin
Existing in this moment
The end is right when I begin
I do it over and over again

I feel the time slipping away
Blending nighttime into day
Confusing work with dreary play
And in this moment, I know I need to change
Track Name: Another Day
Hey, I tried to reach you
But you were on the other line
Killing our time
You were killing our time
Leaving me high and dry
For another day

Hey, I see you've found all the ammunition
But I've hidden the gun, and warned everyone
I've hidden the gun
For another day

Hey, I see you've answered
All the questions that I've asked
But that was all in the past
It was all in the past
And I've still got so much to ask
Maybe another day
Track Name: Party
When we're incomplete, we drain our energy
Hiding all our shame in clandestine ways
Track Name: Higher
Oh, I'm a fool for all the time I spend thinking of
That glance we shared from across the hall
When you blushed

Or the time I wanted you alone--told you that I needed you to show me
How the ice cream machine worked, just so I could tell you I was sorry

Oh, I'm a fool in love, a hopeless mess
But I try
To keep myself preoccupied with my life

'Cause it never seems to end up like
I hoped it would when I was fantasizing
About all the ways we'd fit just right, kissing touching
Quiet in the night

Oh, I'm a fool
For wanting you

But I know there's something that you see
Every time our eyes do finally meet
And that's why I am holding out belief
That this is something more than just a dream
Track Name: Brothers In Arms
Who knows you like I do?
No one close.
You wrap your lonely legs in all my clothes.
And when you weren't looking,
I switched
Oh, you'll never know...

We're brothers in arms.

You wrap me in your armor, when I'm
floating in my water.
All I need is to breathe your air...

I lay you down at your altar, against your will.
The prodigal all falter, just like I know you will...